Friday, January 18, 2013

28 Safar 1434 / 2013 - Baramdgi (Mochi Gate, Lahore)

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Tanisha Workman said...

My life has been a work of Art. But now, I must consider its' end. Most people ease into a whimpering exit. The herd, I lost sight of, very early in my youth. And we no longer recognize one another. A bucket list, only for those who've denied themselves.
In my teens; the psychedelic peace symbol. My twenties; male exotic dance, and the top-grossing adult film. My thirties; escaping from an impregnable facility. My forties; recovering, what was mine. And my fifties; securing my work for preservation.
Finding myself in the digital-age in my sixties, with the prospect of challenge, leaves me vibrating with pleasure.
So many artists today, but mulch beneath my feet. It's' time to seed and water you.
To bring you out from the dank & dusty museums, to a world of your creations.

Marc Breed
America's Fetush Photographer